Carpet Tiles

£1, £1.25 & £1.50 Tiles


These are end of line tiles, priced between £1 to £1.50 each , measuring 50cm x 50cm. With a huge range to choose from. Stock changes daily with no minimum order. 

Door Entrance Tiles


These are a thicker, hard wearing more abrasive tile, ideal for door entrances or garages, they are competitively  priced at £1.50 each. With a good selection of styles and colours available 

Mix & Match 75p Tiles

These are Clearance tiles with no more than 10 tiles in a colour batch sold at 75p each

These are clearance carpet tiles priced at 75p per tile again all brand new 50cm x 50cm, with no more than 10 tiles in a colour batch, making them perfect for sheds garages or a really funky feature floor with a little bit of imagination.

Faulty second tiles 40p each


Brand new faulty second tiles, priced at 40p per tiles. They have visible flaws and faults, however you may be lucky as there are some near perfect tiles in there too. but there is no sorting you buy as they come off the pile, you can choose the colour but not pick and choose on quality this is reflected in the price.